Trump pries China's protectionist regime open

As a committed free trader who knows both the benefits of free trade and the dangers of the absence of free trade, I'm impressed.  Far from being a protectionist, President Trump is effectively creating conditions for more free trade. It's a possibility that's been rather ignored by the shuddery markets that have been tumbling on fears of a trade war.  The Chinese, in fact, are caving in to our president's demands that they open their economy.  Contrary to the statements of Chinese business leaders (who need to please President Xi Jinping or else), Trump's threatened tariffs are going to hurt China more than they hurt the U.S., and China is acting.  Never seen a U.S. president accomplish this, and the effect could be revolutionary. Here's what the Chinese had to say about it: Mr. Xi highlighted areas where China was willing to give, including pledging to ease restrictions on imported...(Read Full Post)