Conservatives would be making an enormous mistake to think the hatred of Trump by the media is personal and due to him.

In their hearts and over their lattes, leftists may confess that Trump disgusts them, but they really don't hate him.  Did they hate him when he was merely a businessman?  They in fact hate what he represents – namely, populism (government by the people as opposed to the media, academic, or Beltway elite), national pride, religion, the rule of law, and common sense.  Whether it is Donald Trump or Mike Pence, or Ted Cruz, or even Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, the hate would actually be the same.  Anyone in the White House who does not profess love for LGBT issues and moral relativism, who has a shred of doubt about abortion on demand, who thinks Antifa or Black Lives Matter may have a smattering of terrorism, who so much as arches an eyebrow over how globalism is benefiting us all, who has some doubts about the U.S. social safety net absorbing all of Central America, or who thought last winter might be at odds with global warming would be eviscerated on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NPR and in nearly any major newspaper.  Senator Toomey, Senator Cornyn, Senator McConnell, Senator Grassley, Senator Collins, Senator Graham, Senator Rubio, etc. would all merit the media crosshairs. 

If they thought the left could be negotiated with, then their talents would be better spent developing peace treaties with ISIS.  This is not just a war; it is a civil war, the ugliest of wars.  It is not just a civil war; it is a culture war.  It is a war for the mind and soul and the youth of the country. 

In a real war, if the enemy is incessantly and heavily shelling the next hill as opposed to the hill you are on, you feel great sympathy even gratitude for the soldiers on that hill, drawing that fire.  President Trump is drawing that fire, jumping up and down with his tweets, yelling, "Here, here" to the media elite.  Many conservatives and faux conservatives owe him a debt of gratitude for what is not falling on their own heads.