Syria bombs Palestinian refugee camp 220 times, and nobody cares

The media and political elites who pose as defenders of the poor beleaguered Palestinians don't care about them at all.  They are merely pawns in an effort to rid the world of Jews, starting with the half of world Jewry living in the historic homeland of Jews, Israel.  This has been proven beyond a doubt by the reaction – really a lack of any reaction – to Syria's bombing of a large Palestinian settlement, in the course of that nation's civil war and ongoing ethnic cleansing of Sunni Muslims, who stand in the way of Iran's effort to establish a Shia client state in Syria, so as to be able to destroy Israel.

The Gatestone Institute reports:

While all eyes are set on the weekly demonstrations organized by Hamas and other Palestinian factions along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, as part of the so-called March of Return, a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus is facing a wide-scale military offensive and ethnic cleansing by the Syrian army and its allies.

The war crimes committed against the Palestinians in Yarmouk camp have so far failed to prompt an ounce of outrage, much less the sort of outcry emerging from the international community over the events of the past four weeks along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The international community seems to differentiate between a Palestinian shot by an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian shot by a Syrian soldier.

In the first case, Hamas and several Palestinian groups have been encouraging Palestinians to march towards the border with Israel, with some even trying to destroy the security fence and hurling stones and petrol bombs at Israeli troops.  The organizers of the Gaza demonstrations say their real goal is to "achieve the right of return and return to all of Palestine."

Dozens of local and foreign journalists have shown great interest in the "March of Return."  Reporters from different parts of the world have been converging on the Gaza Strip and the border with Israel to report about the weekly demonstrations and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

How many journalists, though, have traveled to Syria to cover the plight of the Palestinians in that country? A small handful, perhaps?   Why? Because the Palestinians who are being maimed and murdered in Syria are the victims of an Arab army – nothing to do with Israel.

Yarmouk camp was once home to some 160,000 Palestinians.  Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, however, the number of residents left in the camp is estimated at a few hundred.

On April 19, the Syrian army and its allies, including the Russians, launched a massive offensive against opposition groups and Islamic State terrorists based in Yarmouk.

Since then, 5,000 of the 6,000 residents left in Yarmouk have fled the camp, according to the United Nations and human rights organizations.  Most of the camp's houses have been destroyed in the past few years as a result of the fighting between the Syrian army and opposition groups that found shelter inside Yarmouk.

The so-called Palestinian "refugees" have always been nothing more than a tool to destroy Israel, not an actual nationality seeking a homeland.  The very notion of a Palestinian national identity, along with a flag, was invented when the strategy for extinguishing Israel changed in the wake of the repeated failure of Arab armies to invade and destroy it. It became useful to appeal to world opinion on the basis of "returning" a "people" to their "homeland."

The sole reason for maintaining "camps" in which generation after generation is bred and inherits the title of "refugee" is to expel Jews from the Dar al Islam – lands invaded and conquered by Muslims that religious dogma insists can never revert to the control of anyone else.  (The same logic applies to Spain, by the way.)

Maybe someday, the average Arab whose family has been used as pawns all these decades will wake up and realize that the so-called friends care not a whit about his welfare, but care only about destroying Israel.

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