In his interview with Bret Baier, James Comey's lies and evasions were stunning

Most politicians are oleaginous to a certain degree. Perhaps they have to be; their principal job is to raise money to be elected and once in office to stay in office.  But James Comey just revealed himself to be our Zoltan Karpathy of My Fair Lady infamy: "Oozing charm from every pore, he oiled his way around the floor."

The always perspicacious Bret Baier interviewed Comey, and the result was almost comical for Comey's dissembling.  He's just released a book, but he knows nothing!  He has nebulous recollections.  He's not sure.  "It's possible"...he thinks...!  It's not for him to's his understanding...he doesn't remember clearly, "I'm not allowed to say," and on and on. 

Comey's ability to communicate vagueness is stunning.

He doesn't "know" an awful lot for being the then-director of the FBI.  The man pretends to be an outsider looking in on a scandal from which he is far removed.  The interview would be hilarious as a Saturday Night Live skit, but this man was, sad to say, the director of our premier law enforcement institution, and he, with his co-conspirators, orchestrated something like the plot of Seven Days in May to unseat a duly elected president of the U.S.  There is something seriously amiss within and about James Comey.  Obama demonstrated many narcissistic personality traits.  Comey is narcissism writ large.  He is a sad, tragi-comic figure worthy of the ridicule being hurled at him.

Comey clearly leaked classified information for his own purposes, to get a special counsel appointed and to take out Trump.  Unfortunately for the country, this devious ploy worked.  His BFF Mueller got the job and has abused that authority in the ensuing eighteen months.  Comey and his co-conspirators at the FBI and the DOJ have successfully undermined Trump's presidency, cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, and come up with nothing.  But they knew at the outset there was nothing to find.  The Russia collusion was a hoax from the beginning, and they, these conspirators, knew that in July 2016.  They invented it and put their plan into motion.  They cared not a bit about whom they would destroy in the process: Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, etc.  No, they did not.  Everything and everyone was on the table if they could achieve their goal: to unseat Trump from the office of the presidency.

All of Comey's recent interviews as he hawks his silly book have been stunning for his outsized self-regard.  The man believes he is some sort of god with power over an ignorant and idiotic citizenry.  Does he really believe we do not know what has transpired over the last eighteen months?  We know for sure that he is a serial liar, a leaker, a self-promoter, a Trump-hater, a Hillary-lover and apologist.  We know for sure he cares nothing for the law or the Constitution because he has abrogated both and still believes he is righteous.  He claims still not to know who funded the "dossier"!  Of course, he knows.  He knew when he used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on a fringe acquaintance of the campaign (who had never met Trump), Carter Page, as a pathway to spy on everyone within Trump's family and circle of friends.  He lied to Baier when he said the dossier was "just a small part of the FISA warrant."  Not true.  It was the whole deal, even though they all knew it was a fabricated bit of nonsense.  How on Earth did this man ever become the director of the FBI?  Like Mueller, his past record is one that should have precluded his promotion to such a high office. 

When Baier asked Comey about the disparity between how he handled the Clinton email investigation and the Russia investigation, Comey vigorously denied this!  There was no disparity!  His dissembling here was mind-numbing.  The man is insane if he thinks he can sell that line, that he treated both investigations equally.  He wrote her exoneration before he ever interviewed her or any of her aides.  He never put her under oath.  He knew damn well that she had broken countless laws regarding national security.  He knew that her "foundation" was a cash cow through which she sold access and favors to buyers around the world.  But he was sure she would win the election and wanted to stay on as director of the FBI, so he did everything he could to exonerate her and to sabotage Trump. 

Comey told Baier the FBI approved his book, suggesting that everything in it is true.  What if the FBI sees this man for who and what he is and approved its publication because the FBI knew that it would hoist him with his own petard?  Seems like a possibility.  The rumors are that he is loathed by his rank-and-file agents.  Can't we all imagine whoever those folks are who approve books by intel officers thinking, "OK, let's let this jerk hang himself"?  And hang himself he has.  

There is clearly something wrong with the man.  Oily he is, but he's not as smart as Zoltan Karpathy of My Fair Lady.  Zoltan at least recognized class and grace when he saw it.  Comey sees himself as the epitome of class and has absolutely none.  He's a charlatan.  The country deserves so much better than men like James Comey.

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