Sunday Schadenfreude: Jimmy Kimmel steps on a rake called 'gay'

Professional clowns know what they are doing when they engage in slapstick stunts, such as stepping on a rake. Leftwing clown Jimmy Kimmel is different. The ABC Late Night host stepped on a rake of his own doing without any of the theatrical attention to planning and detail of professional comics. Now he has a key element of his ever-shrinking core audience angry at him.

The dolt went and insulted gays by making creepy, graphic, gross tweets about a broadcasting rival, Fox News' Sean Hannity. with verbal images of Hannity supposedly engaging in gay sexual relations with President Trump, with graphic decriptions about sexual positioning, anal kissing, and other things, none of which is suitable for family viewing.

Since the tweets are public, here is one:

Don't worry - just keep tweeting - you'll get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on bottom?) Either way, keep your chin up big fella..XO

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) April 6, 2018 ">http://


Breitbart news has the rest.

Kimmel's problem now is that his gay viewers are quite offended and now calling him out for insulting them. Apparently, they've heard a lot of this and aren't interested in more from Kimmel in his bid to beef up his increasingly unfunny schtick. Breitbart has much of the offense taken here, as it happened on Twitter.

Even the leftwing Daily Beast is offended, writing:

Why do “progressive” comedians so readily jump to homophobic jokes when it comes to mocking conservatives? Either insinuating that they like receiving anal sex via bottoming—or any other homosexual sex act—is the surefire way to knock someone down a peg. Because insisting that they’re gay must be the ultimate insult, right? Because the insinuation that a man might want to have sex with another man is somehow funny. The act itself is comical.

So now he's got the gays after him. That's bad news because he's trying to boost his falling ratings, which are down because he isn't making anyone laugh anymore. He's likely doing it to rouse all the Trump-haters out there, and given the intensity of that constituency, he may succeed.

But he's lost a large part of his audience, which puts him behind more than ever. Yup, the handle of that rake called 'gay' went right in his face. And only conservatives are laughing.