Asian immigrants put their foot down at liberals dumping homeless at their door in the O.C.

Liberals were in for a surprise when legal Asian immigrant families fought back at their efforts to dump the homeless of Orange County into their ICity of Irvine community, thinking that since they were Asians, they wouldn't complain.

Apparently, they complained mightily, as this story in the Los Angeles Times shows:

Many of the loudest voices in the movement to block the shelter plan were Chinese Americans who came together through social media apps and various community groups. They were joined by immigrants from South Korea, India, Mexico and the Middle East, along with some whites.

They rallied to protect their community from what they see as the ills of homeless camps, which many argued don't belong in their famously clean, safe, family-oriented planned community. Their protests helped persuade the Orange County Board of Supervisors to overturn the shelter proposal, leaving the county without a homeless plan at a time when the population is growing and officials are shutting down tent cities along the Santa Ana River.

The people they didn't want dumped into their community to mix it up with their school children and tiger moms were these:

Source: YouTube

According to, the cleanup of this Santa Ana River camp has left 404 tons of garbage, 13,950 needles, and 5,279 pounds of human waste. You kind of wonder who had to count those needles and weigh all the vomit and excrement. 

Sound like great neighbors for property values and schoolchildren safety.

Which of course is why they protested.

And it makes sense that they did. Demographically, they do have many growing young families in their numbers, with two-parent households, productive employment, and a community itself that is vibrant and growing. It's a bright spot.

Imagine being a legal immigrant, getting a route out of the choking communism of China, the stagnation and corruption of the Philippines, or the excessive competitiveness of South Korea, making it to the states, getting a green card, and then with a new life ahead of you, driving forward to make your life better than it would have been had you stayed home. You want your kids to succeed, you savor that great second chance America offers and you work like heck to achieve the American Dream.

Now picture the local liberals, who are mostly white, who want to dump the crime, drug-dealing, substance abuse, garbage, thievery, panhandling, property damage and public urination and excrement onto your streets, reducing the quality of your entire life so that a number of liberal bureaucrats can be employed to institutionalize and propagate the problem.

Nope, not going to take it. And note that the Los Angeles Times piece reports that this is the first time many of the legal immigrants (isn't it a shame we have to say 'legal' to assure this isn't misconstrued?) have taken part in civic action. It's good for them -- and maybe they will pay close attention to who they vote for now, given that the left doesn't particularly care for the aspirations of Asian Americans.

It's actually very similar to another protest that was held in another part of Orange County, the protests of immigrant homeowners in Murietta, California a few years back, when the Obama administration's planned to dump thousands of illegal immigrants onto their community of 100,000. The Times and the rest of the media failed to report that it was mostly Iranian and other legal immigrants leading that charge.

You'd think the liberals running the county would know better, but, actually, they were trying to pull a fast one, dumping the homeless onto the legal Asian immigrant community of Irvine, which according to the story, they consider "beautiful" (my limited view of it, from Highway 5, suggests it's actually just a cascade of glassy built-yesterday skyscrapers, but they can consider it beautiful if they want) instead of one the tonier beach communities where the Housewives of Orange County live, such as Dana Point or Laguna Beach. 

To the rest of us, what was obvious was that they tried to fob another problem off onto a community they thought would stay silent, and guess what, they didn't. What's nice about this is that they will have a very difficult time yelling racism, given the ethnic reversals here. What the immigrants are doing is useful to all communities - making officials think twice before dumping humongous social problems onto growing communities.