Stunning religious illiteracy from NPR

National Public Radio, the taxpayer supported nationwide radio behemoth, has been forced to issue a correction that reveals an impressive level of ignorance on the fundamentals of Christianity.

Rod Dreher caught the obliviousness of NPR’s staff and tweeted about the religious illiteracy and lack of newsroom diversity:

As of 2015, 75% of Americans claimed to identify with Christianity. Yet on Good Friday, the day on which Jesus died on the Cross, NPR revealed that nobody with a hand in producing its output understands the foundational belief of Christians. This is cultural illiteracy about the foundational faith of the American Republic. Anyone who reads what the Founders believed understands that the Judeo-Christian tradition, and Christianity itself is basic to our understanding of rights.

Writing on The American Conservative, Dreher made several good points, but I think that the following is the heart of the matter:

For many years now, some of us Christians have been trying to talk about Christian teaching on human sexuality, and how the push for LGBT rights in some cases seriously affects our consciences. That does not mean that we have the right to prevail, but in many conversations with journalists, I have not yet found one who evinces the slightest understanding of what the traditional Christian position is. They dismiss it outright as nothing but bigotry.

I think that it is clear that many in our national media are outright hostile towards Christianity's and Judaism’s teachings on sexual morality. This animus leads them to believe that they miss nothing when they remain ignorant. My guess is that if staffers on NPR were to write about non-Christian religions such as Santeria, they would take the trouble to acquaint themselves with the beliefs before expressing themselves.

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll, Instapundit

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