Spare us this last

We read that erstwhile FBI director James Comey's book is not doing well.  Oh, it's No. 1 on Amazon, but there are no lines to buy it.  Bookstores in D.C. that opened early for the expected business see more reporters than customers.  This book ain't long for No. 1, and it won't make back its advance.  On the brighter side, doorstops have come back into vogue.

Comey probably overestimated the public's appetite for gossipy tomes confessing to greater-righteousness-than-thou.  After Hillary's multi-tome whinefest, recent history overflows with people whose moral superiority entitles them to our money adulation.  James Comey, after all, has read Reinhold Niebuhr.

It isn't all his fault.  Liberalism just doesn't go over well on paper in this day and age, where personality can't directly influence the reader.  Reading is a solitary exercise requiring contemplation, imagination, weighing and considering ideas, discipline.  Progs can't sustain enthusiasm in a vacuum of physical stimulation, so they don't read much; it's more fun to riot and yell bad words on the political playground.

On the other hand, Comey has done the nation a serious service with these 304 pages.  People now see what a small man he was all along, camouflaged by 6 feet, 8 inches of phoniness dedicated more to public image than to doing and being what he were supposed to be and do – a man of high standards and dedication to the Constitution, enforcing the law.

The left did us a favor by shrinking J. Edgar Hoover down to human size 40-plus years ago.  Now we have seen what both sides do when they have the whip.  Neither lives up to its exalted self-promotion.  Each favors shiny lies and morality tales over the drudgery of an often thankless job where one today must feel disliked, mistrusted, put down, humiliated, and unappreciated.

It's time to abolish the FBI as we have known it.  There is a place for such an institution in a vast country overrun with exploding Izzies, nutcase shooters, deluded progs, racists of all colors, and bad men from Putinland skulking around, but with powers vastly diminished and mission more narrowly defined.

It needs to be a job where the likes of James Comey aren't attracted to it.  That will spare us not only the vindictiveness of people who don't deserve the trust vouchsafed them, but the rank hypocrisy of pettiness masquerading as virtue in 304 pages.

Richard Jack Rail is the author of A Diary of the Trump Era, Year 1.  Reach him at or on Facebook at Jack Rail.