Apparently Comey didn't think through his book very carefully

James Comey is in the process of destroying his credibility.  Perhaps the rush to cash in on his notoriety with a bestselling book led to a failure to consider the implications of what he wrote in light of his previous statements and positions.  But with the book now available and being carefully read by non-sycophants, certain self-contradictions are coming to light.  A Twitter account in the name of @RacySicilian has come up with doozy:

When Comey tells ABC he knew Trump was doing something shady by arranging a private meeting, then describes Obama doing the EXACT SAME THING on page 148 of his book 🙄#TotalBS#Racy4Trump#LiberalHypocrisy

— Racy (@RacySicilian) April 17, 2018

I don't think his previous career strategy – sucking up to superiors, stabbing rivals in the back, and manipulating public opinion – that served him well in the federal bureaucracy will be effective now that he is subject to intense public scrutiny and is being held to account for all the positions he has taken and people he has screwed over.  

The chapter of his life currently underway will not end well for him.

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