Should we bomb Syria?

The media and Mueller are obsessed with trivial issues such as $130,000 for a porn star.  In the real world, President Trump has to decide whether to bomb Syria to punish it because Bashar Assad used chemical weapons to kill Syrians.  As we all know, this is a complicated civil war in Syria, with Assad, aided by Iran and Russia, fighting the rebels. For the sake of argument, let us assume that Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons to kill.  Why should we then bomb Syria? The arguments to bomb Syria include that the United States as the leader of the free world cannot allow Assad to use chemical weapons.  This is essentially a moral argument, especially during this week of Holocaust remembrance.  Hitler used chemical and other weapons to kill six million Jews, millions of Gypsies, homosexuals, Catholic and Protestant clergy, and others in the concentration camps. If we were not at war with Nazi Germany while this was...(Read Full Post)