'Sex Ed Sit Out' parents' protest is a great start

My wife Mary and I were extremely busy in Arizona campaigning to propel Republican Debbie Lesko to victory in the congressional special election.  Praise God, we won!

Before flying home to West Virginia, I checked news coverage of the April 23 national parent's protest, "Sex Ed Sit Out."  None of the major television networks covered this important global event with participants in Australia, Canada, and the U.K.  Are you kidding me?

Finally, parents have begun to say enough with the arrogant leftist craziness going on in public schools – parents' values circumvented, with school boards and administrators overruling parents' God-given right to decide how their children should be raised.

Using "inclusion" and "anti-bullying" as Trojan horses, LGBTQ activists have infiltrated the gates of public education with pornography, promiscuity, and dangerous sexual practices.  Unbelievably, the LGBTQ curriculum teaches kids oral sex, BDSM, asphyxiation, gender-bending, and other horrible things.  Students are taught to question their gender.  Insidiously, teachers even include going into gay bars in math lessons.

In Texas, pre-K teachers are told to explain homosexuality to four-year-olds and teach them that "gay love is beautiful." 

At the "Sex Ed Sit Out" rally in Vancouver, Canada, Karen Chan exposed SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) laws.  If SOGI is implemented in public schools, LGBTQ indoctrination will be included in all subjects and all grades.  Parents will not be permitted to opt out their children.

All school administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and even parents are ordered to use gender-neutral language.  They are also required to reprimand anyone caught breaking this policy.  Anyone questioning SOGI will be investigated and suffer consequences.  SOGI big-brother operatives will be in schools, monitoring what you say, how you behave, your emotions, your expressions, and your attitude.

Students suffering with gender confusion will be affirmed, barred from receiving therapy.  Students will be allowed to use dressing rooms and restrooms of their opposite sex simply by saying they "self-identify."  A boy can use the girls' rest room today and the boys' tomorrow – depending on which sex he identifies with that day.  Boys are permitted to share overnight accommodations with girls.  Parents fearful of SOGI's tyranny are branded hateful and homophobic

In the few years since SCOTUS twisted the Constitution to legally redefine marriage, LGBTQ activists are behaving like tyrannical dictators, terrorizing Americans into submission. SOGI laws threaten our freedom

A homosexual lawyer in Delaware is pushing legislation to allow students in schools to identify with whatever race or sex they choose without parental notification.  If passed, schools will help students get legal enshrinement of the delusion that they are members of the opposite sex without parental knowledge

In Ohio, Judge Sylvia Hendon ordered a child removed from her parents' home because the parents disapproved of their daughter taking non-FDA-approved drugs to pretend to be a boy. 

Not only does the SOGI curriculum teach students that changing their sex is heroic and good, but students are taught that anyone opposing their fantasy operation is mean and bigoted.  Folks, this is nuts!

But how did we get here so quickly after SCOTUS redefined marriage?  In the early 1990s, LGBT activists and experts on public persuasion Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen published their book, After the Ball.  Kirk's and Madsen's book served as the marketing manifesto to normalize LGBTQ lifestyles and demonize all opposition. 

In 2015, former Republican congressman Tom Delay discovered a secret memo revealing a dozen perversions Obama's DOJ wanted to legalize, including bestiality and pedophilia.  Why are leftists so obsessed with and determined to normalize every sexual perversion?  Please explain the positive benefit of little Johnny's school instructing him about rimming.

The "Sex Ed Sit Out" national parents' protest is a wonderful start.  I am elated that parents are finally waking up and smelling LGBTQ activists' iron-fist dictatorial behavior.

A great general fighting on the front line for our kids is The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston.  Elizabeth has been sounding the alarm: "they are coming for our children!"  Elizabeth boldly tells "mama bears" to rise up and take their kids back from social Marxists and transgender activists' subversive agenda.

You can help by liking Elizabeth's Facebook page, being her friend and sharing her video with hashtag #HandsOffOurKids.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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