Kanye West and Trump tag-team to explode liberal heads

No, those loud, louder, loudest booms you hear are not nuclear bombs – after all, North Korea's leader is in South Korea.  But that is one reason for the booms.  Those continuous loud unexplained noises are liberal heads exploding with rage after each President Donald J. Trump (R) victory.  The leaders of the two Koreas are talking, and soon Trump will join them.  But...but...how can this happen during the Trump administration when previous presidents failed?  Boom!

And now a gazillionaire black rapper, Kanye West, is praising his "brother" Trump, which, as his wife Kim Kardashian noted, is allowed in America.  Bam!  Bam!  To prove it, West proudly tweeted his bright red Make America Great Again cap, personally autographed by none other than...Donald Trump.  This received over 200,000 likes.  Liberals did not take it well.  Boom!  Boom!

The Trump free-market gurus (nastily called capitalists, as if that were a dirty word, by you know who), the same thinkers who have helped bring about low unemployment for all groups, especially among blacks and Hispanics, quickly capitalized on this unusual endorsement, sending out a text praising West while encouraging people – "Don't let them silence you.  Get your red MAGA hat today" – and conveniently linking to the official Trump shop.  

People are buying them.  And wearing them.  And if certain establishments don't serve customers with such views, well, you don't want to give such narrow-minded, explosive owners your hard earned cash.  Boom!

Image: Kenny Sun via Flickr.