Release of Comey's leaked memos seals his fate

The label "Nixonian" is not a compliment, despite the many foreign policy accomplishments of the 37th president.  That adjective now will surely be attached to the reputation of James Comey for the rest of his days and beyond.

Just as Richard Nixon's most famous words are "I am not a crook," James Comey's most famous words inevitably will be  those revealed in the memos he leaked to the New York Times through a cut-out: "I don't leak.  I don't do weasel words."  Now that redacted version of those memos, dictated to memorialize his meetings with President Trump, have been released, the rest of his publicity tour for his pompously titled book, A Higher Loyalty, is going to be an ordeal.

The obvious contradiction inherent in discovering his self-recorded words "I don't leak" in a memo that he deliberately, and possibly feloniously, leaked makes him a national joke.  Where are his media and political defenders going to go to escape derisive laughter?

Comey has made his bed, and now he is going to sleep in it.  Forever.

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