Mueller, the FBI, and the DOJ's ruinous plan

Much has been written in the days since the FBI, on Mueller's referral by the traitorous Rod Rosenstein to the SDNY, raided Michael Cohen's office, home, and hotel room.  This has never happened before.  Never before has the personal lawyer of a sitting president had his offices raided.  Not even Nixon's lawyers were treated so viciously.  Carl Bernstein said this was to scare Trump. The left is hoping Trump will fire Mueller and make him a martyr.  (Whoopi Goldberg is hoping for riots.)  Mueller has to date produced nothing (it would have been leaked) and may be afraid to admit that to the swamp denizens who are hoping for a reason to impeach the president.  Now Mueller is fishing in waters far beyond his task at hand. Everyone knows now that it was Hillary who colluded, massively, with the Russians to defeat Trump.  The "investigation" was a set up from the start by Deep...(Read Full Post)