More Comey regrets over his book

Publish in haste, repent at leisure might be James Comey's life lesson as his book, A Higher Loyalty, is being read and criticized.  And that's before the justice system he once served takes up his leaking of memos that he wrote on FBI time with FBI equipment, which are reputed to contain classified information.

The man with the carefully manufactured image of a Boy Scout is now being seen as a Mean Girl (which is telling but uncomfortable for a guy who has no doubt used his commanding height to great advantage through years of bureaucratic climbing).

When called out ABC's The View yesterday, he expressed regret for his catty comments on President Trump's hand size and facial skin tone.

I bet Comey is having second thoughts about agreeing to be interviewed by Bret Baier of Fox News.  I am guessing he is not loaded for Baier.

I can hardly wait for him to start citing his lack of intent to be leak classified information (or be a mean girl).

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