Mexico's 'problemita': The other border

Yesterday, I was speaking by phone with a Mexican friend.  He is a successful businessman who is center-right when it comes to politics.  He is torn between the two centrist candidates, Mr. Meade of the incumbent PRI and Mr. Anaya of the PAN. He is concerned about leftist candidate Mr. López Obrador, who is currently ahead in the polls, but the lead is shrinking as he continues to speak in generalities without much substance. AMLO, as his supporters call him, may win, but I hear a lot of concern from middle-class Mexicans about electing someone like that.  So don’t bet on his election yet! My friend and I spoke about the "caravan" of Central Americans going north.  He called it our "problemita," or our little problem.  I should add that Mexicans often use the word "problemita" to refer to a problem no one wants to talk about. My friend told me to read a new article...(Read Full Post)