Is a mole at CNN deliberately destroying its credibility?

In a move that makes CNN look absolutely untrustworthy, the network that has obsessed over a porn actress that claims she slept with President Trump once about a decade ago issued a tweet celebrating JFK's "legendary love life" to promote its documentary series on the Kennedy family: 



To me, this looks as if CNN has utterly no self-awareness and is imprisoned in its own mind by the radical mission it has undertaken.  But because so many media progressives believe Trump to be the devil incarnate, surely they must worry that Trump has placed a mole among them, at his biggest enemy, CNN.  After all, it's pretty clear that President Trump's strategy for dealing with his vehement critics in the media is to destroy their credibility.  His scorn is intently focused on CNN, even though reliable studies from nonpartisans at Harvard and elsewhere indicate that 90% of media coverage is against him.  Perhaps Trump is following Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, particularly Rule 13: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

CNN already has tumbled to last place in the cable news derby, and the network is now part of an antitrust suit brought by the Department of Justice against the proposed merger of AT&T with Time Warner, the current CNN corporate parent.  These factors make CNN one of the most vulnerable members of the mainstream media.

If Trump is as evil as his enemies at CNN believe, then they really ought to start hunting for that mole.  I suggest polygraphs and extended interrogations following sleep deprivation for everyone who works at CNN.  Yeah, that's the ticket.