In Trump we trust

On the surface, it looks as if Trump is losing the battle against Mueller.  I'm not so sure.  Mueller has had to attack Trump by giving away his own credibility.  He's way off his original target of the phony-baloney Russian collusion and is now attacking Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen.  Even Democrats who hate Trump have to know this.  Even Alan Dershowitz is publicly outraged on behalf of the bar association, and that means millions of lawyers around the country are feeling scared, too. Trump has also cast a skeptical spotlight on the biggest Yellow Press Baron of these times, Jeff Bezos, who everybody now knows is trying to destroy the president of the United States behind the front of the WaPo.  The moment Bezos drops the mask for 50 million people, he's losing.  Then this fight looks personal, and it is.   Trump's first move was to conquer the hill.  Now all he...(Read Full Post)