Hillary Clinton a bigger whiner than anyone realized

"They were never going to let me be president," former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared on election night, according to a new book about her campaign.

Clinton's sycophants struggled among themselves to figure out who would break the news to 'first woman president,' the book, "Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling," by New York Times staffer Amy Chozick, reports. Chozick had to travel with the woman for months as part of her traveling press corps, and knew all about what Hillary was like, up close.

According to the Daily Beast, citing the book:

That’s when Robby [Mook,], drained and deflated, watching the results with his team in a room down the hall from Hillary’s suite, labored into the hallway of the Peninsula to break the news. Hillary didn’t seem all that surprised. ‘I knew it. I knew this would happen to me….’ Hillary said, now within a couple of inches of his face. ‘They were never going to let me be president.’”

What a whiner. After denouncing half the country as 'deplorables,' failing to go to Wisconsin, refusing to answer any questions freely in press conferences, showing visible signs of failing health, there somehow is some some great 'they' out there, floating around, whose sole purpose was to prevent a woman president, or, more specifically, her.

What it shows is that this woman is in far worse mental shape than anyone realized. Can you imagine what the news would be like if she were president? Can you imagine the whining we would have had to put up with had she won? No wonder she didn't win.

The Beast notes that Chozick wan't all that friendly to Hillary in the book and quotes people who criticized Chozick for writing it, given that it busts their glowing narrative of the whole thing. It suggests that Chozick probably tried to be fair in her reporting and the book is worth reading. There's quite a bit of grossness reported so far: Hillary whines about people not liking her, dismisses that no one trusts her and reveals an incredible sense of entitlement to the office, while at the same time projecting a temperamental unfitness for the office, (a charge she and her cohorts have often directed at President Trump).

But she had her sycophants, and they were fully in tune with her whining as part of the 'narrative.' Get a load of this writeup of the Times' expected news nut graf (that is the sentence near the top of every news story that tells readers why they should keep reading) that was expected to run in the Times on election night, back when Hillary was expecting she would win.

“No one in modern politics, male or female, has had to withstand more indignities, setbacks and cynicism. She developed protective armor that made the real Hillary Clinton an enigma. But if she was guarded about her feelings and opinions, she believed it was in careful pursuit of a dream for generations of Americans: the election of the country’s first woman president.”

Yet, yet, yet, there was some big 'they out there that wouldn't allow it to happen.

They? The big "they" would have to be the voters, who were fed up and disgusted with her failure to address their economic issues at all, as well as her unchecked corruption, her ready willingness to flout laws, whether on parking spaces or safeguarding top secret national security documents. They also didn't like her lies about the state of her health (something was really wrong there) her pay-to-play foundation activities, her aides getting off after bleachbitting secret documents and smashing Blackberries and computer with data on them (that voters were entitled to have via the Freedom of Information Act), and the FBI and press playing rear guard for her no matter what she did.

Of course they wouldn't let someone like that be president.

Hillary says it like it's a bad thing.

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