Geraldo Rivera outs himself: Wishes he had supported Second Intifada

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, aka Gerry Rivers before being Hispanic was fashionable, is out peddling his memoir, titled The Geraldo Show.  On the Fox News program The Five, he was asked if he regrets any news story he reported, and his answer was shocking, particularly in the light of the border storming currently underway in Gaza.

Aaron Klein at Breitbart reports his comments:

I regret in 2002 backing down from backing the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.  The Second Intifada.  Because I saw with my own eyes how.  And I know how this is going to resonate very poorly with the people watching right now.  But still, I have to tell you how I feel.  I saw at firsthand how those people were.  And now you said 14, 15 people killed in Gaza.  Palestinians killed by the IDF forces.  I saw what an awful life they live under constant occupation and oppression.

And people keep saying, "Oh, they are terrorists.  Or they are this or they are that."  They are an occupied people and I regret chickening out after 2002 and not staying on that story and adding my voice as a Jew, adding my voice to those counseling a two-state solution.  It is so easy to put them out of sight, out of mind.  And let them rot.  And be killed.  And keep this thing festering.  And I think a lot of our current problems stem from – that's almost our original sin.  Palestine and Israel.  I want a two-state solution.  I want President Trump to re-energize the peace process.

Here is video of the segment:

Readers may remember that the Second Intifada was a terror campaign launched by Yasser Arafat after he rejected a state in the West Bank and Gaza, a capital in East Jerusalem, and control of the mosques on the Temple Mount – basically 99% of what Palestinians wanted.  More than a thousand Israelis were murdered, often brutally, in the Second Intifada.

Rivera's gushing over the poor Palestinians ignores the fact that their standard of living is higher than that of Arabs in neighboring Egypt and Jordan, and that no Arab country wants to host them.  And the reason why they are fenced off from Israel is the unrelenting campaign of terror launched from the West Bank and Gaza.

As Michael Curtis points out today elsewhere on these pages, the goal of Hamas, which controls Gaza, is the elimination of the state of Israel and its Jews.

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