Gaza? Nope, the Jewish Community Center

I didn't have to travel to the Gaza Strip to encounter pure hatred for my beliefs.  I found it yesterday (from Jews!) in a local Jewish Community Center where, for years, I've given a series of talks on the survival of Israel and American Jewry.  I believe I happen to be the only politically conservative lecturer among about 50, who voluntarily offer their services to the JCC.  This particular program was supposed to be a friendly political debate between a very progressive rabbi and me.

Those present who supported my opinions and were already accustomed to the progressive views of their neighbors treated the rabbi's outlook and statements with their usual "yawn, sit back, and listen to the rant" attitude.  However, during my time at the podium, the rabble of the radical left could not restrain themselves and launched into stand up-and-shout tirades that required the program's director to be summoned to the hall.  And these were Jews foaming at the mouth against another Jew who was focusing on the Democratic Party's abandonment of Israel and the explosion of campus and national Jew-hating during and even after the eight Obama years.

There seems to be a violent, pathological loathing and scorn emanating from Progressive Jews against anyone attempting to reason with them or even discuss a problem that affects...them, their children, and their grandkids.  Talking, chatting with them, or having a chairside discussion even mentioning a conservative point of view always ends up with flaming eyes; pointing of shaking fingers; and, of course, the end of any viable, pleasant conversation.  And even, sometimes, the end of relationships.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Trump was the tipping point of their rationality.  Their dreams were shattered.  Their hopes for a continuation of the Obama radical doctrine-filled future were ripped apart.  There is little hope that they will ever bow down to reason, sit out the next eight years as we did, and work to the growth of this nation and themselves.  It will not get better.  This 1930s-like-in-Germany situation will only get worse.  The solution: Stay strong, resilient, knowledgeable – and fight back.

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