Down goes Gandhi! Down goes Gandhi!

It was one of the greatest fights in boxing history.  It gave us one of the best lines ever: "Down goes Frazier!  Down goes Frazier" as a shocked Howard Cosell related what he was watching.

Like "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," it became one of the most famous phrases of recent U.S. history.

We've been watching some rather bizarre things lately.  It started with Confederate officers.  Then they went after Christopher Columbus.  Then they told us that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave-owners.  All together, it is a massive insult and attack on history.  It divides the players into two groups: the white guy is always evil, and the everybody else is a poor little victim of "whiteness," "white supremacy," and everything else.

So it was only a matter time before we got to Mahatma Gandhi.  He is not white, but I guess he insulted somebody.

Over at Carleton University, the social justice warriors are now after Gandhi.

The accusations are many: That Gandhi slept naked next to young girls to test his sexual restraint; that he worked to prevent the untouchable caste from being recognized as a distinct political group; that he routinely referred to black Africans using the slur 'kaffir' and demanded Indians in South Africa not be classed alongside natives.

I'll just say this: will we have any statues left?

Of course, the solution to this, and so much more, is for the universities to tell the social justice warriors to shut up and do their homework.  Unfortunately, such school leadership is missing badly these days.  It sure looks as if the insane are running the asylum.

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