Democrats' outrageous charges against former VA nominee begin to unravel

To hear the Democrats tell it, Ronny Jackson, the nominee for secretary of Veterans Affairs who withdrew his name from consideration last week, is a drunken, lecherous, abusive boss who hands out opioids like candy. In the immortal words of Albert Nimziki, "that's not entirely accurate."  Mediaite: The United States Secret Service has issued a statement disputing the allegation that White House physician Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs before Jackson withdrew his name, drunkenly banged on the door of a female colleague. CNN reports that on an overseas trip in 2015, Jackson got drunk and very loudly knocked on a female colleague's door. Secret Service agents allegedly had to calm him down so he wouldn't disturb President Barack Obama. However, the Secret Service says it has no record of such an incident ever occurring. There's also the false...(Read Full Post)