Beto update

We're still a few weeks away from heavy campaigning, but Robert O'Rourke is always ready to prove that he's liberal.

First, he said he wants AR-15s banned.  My guess is that this statement got him a few contributions from outside Texas.  It may have also improved his chances of getting an invitation to play the late Bobby Kennedy in a movie.  Wonder how long before he starts speaking with a Boston accent...

Second, he is talking impeachment.  I woke up this morning and saw this on the Dallas Morning News:

El Paso Rep. Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat hoping to defeat Sen. Ted Cruz in November, said Monday that he would support impeaching President Donald Trump if a vote were held today.

Asked by KFYO Radio conservative radio host Chad Hasty in Lubbock if he's "seen enough yet to where you'd vote to impeach the president," O'Rourke said, "The answer is yes."

Beto did admit recently that the political conditions are not "ripe" for impeachment.  In other words, Beto understands that the votes are not there.  He couldn't prove that President Trump committed any crimes.

So why is Beto going liberal so early in this campaign?  What additional votes is he going to get by calling for AR-15 bans or impeaching President Trump?  Doesn't he already have those votes?

What's up with Beto?  I think Beto is looking beyond November and positioning himself for a future that does not include being Senator O'Rourke.  For example:

1. Governor in 2022?  We will have an open seat, more than likely.

2. V.P. in 2020?  It sounds crazy today, but it makes more sense than anybody else in Texas.

3. A leadership role in any action against the NRA or an executive position with Planned Parenthood.

4. He may be trying to motivate turnout or just remind all of those liberal in Texas that the polls are wrong about Senator Cruz.

It's all speculation, I understand.  However, Mr. O'Rourke is not doing anything that will make him electable in Texas 2020.

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