A real Indian answers a fake

At a time of ugly race-baiting in politics, a good laugh is like a ray of sunshine.  For the funniest candidate of the day, conservatives owe a big vote of thanks to a gentleman named Shiva Ayyadura (pronounced ah-yah-DOO-rah) in the Commonwealth of Mass., a man who is both a real Indian (from India!) and a real American (from America!) – unlike Fauxcahontas Warren, the current senator from that benighted state. 

So Mr. A. is running against Liz (Fakey) Warren for Senate, and naturally, the local leftist thugs are trying to shut him up. 

Liz Warren is the most ridiculous senator since Foghorn Leghorn, because she is such an obvious affirmative action cheat.  When anybody objects that she doesn't have an particle of Indian DNA, her answer is to accuse other people of racism. (Of course!) 

Well, this is a chance for payback. 

The left has sliced and diced U.S. voters into blocs of blacks against whites, women against men, young against old, Amerindians against other Americans, on and on, regardless of sanity and common sense.  The media protect race-baiting Democrats, which is why American politics has gone mad. 

This used to be called "segging" when Bobby Byrd did it back in the Klan days in Miz'ssippi.  Race-baiting is still the left's most destructive weapon.  So for Democrats, racial resentments are never allowed to fade. That's why the country can't let go of racial divisions: it's the main tool the Democrats use to stay in power.  They are disgusting. 

Now sane voters in Massachussetts (if there are any left) can vote for a American citizen with an Indian name, whose family hails from India, against a raving left-o-nut from Harvard.

People from India (in Asia) know a lot about race-hatred because it's been used by mobs and demagogues since Day One.  When India declared independence in 1947, the country split apart, into current India, Pakistan and later on Bangladesh, following murderous race and religious riots between Muslims and all the other Indian religions.

More than three million people died in the Partition of 1947, and Mr. Shiva Ayyadura probably knows about the downside of race baiting politics.  But Liz Warren is still happy to play that card, over and over again, and I would therefore vote for Mr. A if I could.  My state of California will let illegals vote for Hillary, but they would arrest me for voting for Mr. A in Mass. 

The radical left is the vulnerable to ridicule, especially Fauxcahontas and her kind.  They are afraid of being exposed, and Mr. A is doing it just by running as a real Indian against a total fraud. 

So Mr. A is staging a grand campaign aimed at the worst people in politics.  I hope he wins.  In that Paradise of Demagogues, the U.S. Senate, we need at least one clown who is willing to go for laughs. 

In fact, I wish we had Mr. A in the Senate when Hillary and Bill occupied the White House – and promoted the likes of Robert Mueller and other lefto-swampo-crats in the Deep State.  The DNC talent-spotters might have tracked fire-breathing supporters in the swamp, and when Obama came in, he did what they always do in Chicago.  You might have noticed that DOJ bureaucrats contributed to the Hillary campaign, and Bill and Hillary usually operate quid pro quo. 

Could you imagine the Bill and Hillary White House with Shiva Ayyadurai poking fun at them in the U.S. Senate every day?  Can you imagine Ted Kennedy being laughed at by a man who would tell the truth?  How about Obama the Mahdi?  How about the clowns who run Iran?  The world of politics is dying for lack of laughter. 

Liz Warren has lied all her career to get affirmative action at Harvard Law School, where people obviously knew she was a fraud.  Liz the Indian served the purposes of the lefties at Harvard, the same witch-hunters who chased Larry Summers out because he wondered out loud if little boys actually do make better mathematicians (while little girls have more fun).  The screamers went into high gear, and the next day, Larry was kicked out.  That's the Liz Warren mob. 

Elizabeth Warren has suckered the voters of Mass, or, more likely, they just don't care anymore.  After Teddy the K. and Vietnam John Kerry, they can't do worse.  But somehow, with Liz, the voters of Mass were too drunk or delusional to think straight. 

Ordinary Americans are routinely harassed with false accusations of racism.  When the media scream "racist," they usually know it's a lie, because they are more evil than stupid.  That "racist!" accusation still scares many Americans.  How do you prove you're innocent?  You can't. 

This is how fascists operate.  They make decency and honesty impossible. 

So I would love to vote for Mr. Shiva A. 

In the Indian pantheon (from India!) Shiva is an aspect of the Hindu trinity, both male and female.  (This should make it trendy at Harvard.)  The female aspect is a dancing goddess, a playful image of laughter – and laughter is what we need to dissolve the veils of delusion pumped out by our phony media. 

Image: Edward Kimmel via Flickr.

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