How I got Starbucked at a Hampton Inn

Starbucked verb, past participle Asked to leave a commercial establishment because one is not paying for the services he or she is using. Ten years ago, I got Starbucked at a Hampton Inn in West Virginia.  I found the experience sufficiently memorable at the time that I translated it into a Seussian poem titled, "How the Grinch Stole My Wi-Fi." On this occasion, I was driving from Virginia to western New Jersey.  Not knowing the best route, I started looking for a place where I could seek out the answer. IT WAS then that I spotted a Hampton Inn And to me this seemed a happy win-win. You see, I had stayed at a Hampton the night before And liked it enough to try one once more. I had no need, of course, to spend the night My needs were so little as to be less than slight. I had to find my way to my brother's in Jersey But to "ask" directions would be no less than heresy. So I took out my laptop and headed inside To...(Read Full Post)