Why Trump will demand Jeff Sessions's resignation

Why haven't James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and certain DOJ leaders been investigated by a special counsel as the Trump team members have?  There's certainly enough evidence for an investigation.

A second special counsel needs to be created to investigate the FISA warrant abuses, the classified information found on Hillary's and her staff's personal electronic devices, and the huge donations the Clinton Foundation received when Hillary signed off on the Uranium One deal.

In order to properly investigate these potential crimes, a special prosecutor must be appointed by the attorney general, Jeff Sessions.  How can there be an impartial investigation if the DOJ is investigating itself?

When we look at Jeff Sessions, we find that he recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation and later said his inspector general – who has no prosecutorial authority – will investigate the alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the FBI.

This action on the part of Jeff Sessions was condemned by President Trump on February 28, 2018, because without a second special counsel, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and other members of the FBI and the DOJ will never be brought to justice.

Any hope of bringing justice upon the alleged perpetrators lies with President Trump.  He has the authority to demand Jeff Sessions's resignation and can appoint a new attorney general, who will then appoint a second special prosecutor.

Why hasn't the president already done so?  Perhaps he is afraid of retaliation by the Democrats, that the same thing will happen over again that occurred when he fired James Comey.

The president knows that if he asks the attorney general to resign, the Democrats will seize upon the resignation and say it's a pattern with Trump, possibly giving them probable cause to have Mueller's special counsel investigate him for obstruction of justice.

One of Donald Trump's campaign promises was to "drain the swamp."  His supporters, most of whom are American citizens living in the flyover states, will hold him accountable.  They want to see justice served, so it makes political sense for Trump to ask for Jeff Sessions's resignation if Sessions continues to avoid appointing a second special prosecutor to investigate the FBI, the DOJ, and Hillary Clinton.

Robert Steven Ingebo is president of FRI Corporation.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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