Why Trump actually could succeed with North Korea

Barack Obama wasn't kidding when he warned his successor that North Korea is the biggest national security threat the U.S. faces.  "No good options" has been the mantra of the deep thinkers, as if we have no choice but to let the Kim dynasty threaten the world with nuclear war from now on.  But Donald Trump has never been bound by conventional thinking and brings a healthy skepticism to the pronouncements of the experts who have failed for the past three decades. Here is a short list of what he is doing differently, and why he might even succeed. First of all, Trump projects unashamed strength and a willingness to use the unmatched military power of the United States.  In an insightful analysis for McClatchy, Andrew Malcolm puts it succinctly: It's no coincidence that this sudden offer by Kim comes 14 months into the first term of a president who promised to crush ISIS quickly, then unleashed the U.S. military...(Read Full Post)