What just happened? Trump got rolled.

On Friday, Donald Trump betrayed his legions of supporters and signed the most ridiculous omnibus spending bill in history.  The bill, crafted by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and their stable of lobbyists and staffers, funds border walls in the Middle East but bans all but a pittance for the wall on our border.  It funds Planned Parenthood with half a billion dollars to line the pockets of the company's leadership; they raise as much from private sources.  It funds sanctuary cities, despite their proven record of protecting criminal aliens at the expense of law-abiding citizens.  It even sends $15M to China!  For "development aid"!

What a crock. The bill is so full of expenditures of the kind Trump promised to put a stop to that one has to wonder if it was a bluff.  Did the establishment (all those in Congress except for the 95 Republicans who voted against the bill) pack the bill with so much pork that they thought Trump would veto it, and they could then bargain away the defense spending?  Or they could blame him for shutting down the government?  Who knows?

We do know, as Trump rightfully noted, that no one read the bill, the 2,200-plus pages that had been released only the night before.  Trump obviously had not read it.  Would he have agreed to fund border walls in conflict regions of the Middle East and banned the wall here?  He just did.

Conservatives who have supported Trump for the last two years rightfully feel double-crossed because they have in fact been stabbed in the back.  This is not the game plan for which they voted.

This feels like the beginning of the end of "Make America Great Again."  This bill just set us back to the dismal, spendthrift Obama years.  Certain privileged people, like McConnell and his wife, the Kerrys, the Bidens, etc., will become very rich, while the rest of us pay up and continue to lose civil liberties as our cities are handed over to illegal aliens and the leftists who protect them and our hard-earned dollars are spread around the world to fund academic exercises in futility.

We all grasp the deadly seriousness of needed funds for our Obama-decimated military, and it is easy to believe that it was Secretary Mattis who begged Trump to sign the bill.  But was beginning to rebuild our armed forces worth the level of wasteful spending in this bill and the indebtedness of the next several generations who have yet to be born?  Hard to know.  We do know that the best defense is a deterrent to war, but the bill Trump signed is a monstrosity for conservatives, a dream come true for progressives who are dedicated to bringing about America's decline.

As Schumer so gleefully commented, the Democrats have done better under Trump than they did Obama!  He is correct.  No Republicans would have voted for this bill under Obama.  This was all about smacking down Trump and deflating his supporters, the country be damned. 

This was Trump's opportunity to set fire to that pile of unread rubbish on live television.  Had he done so, he would have ensured the Republicans' win in November and his own re-election.  Instead, he has likely handed Congress back to the Democrats in November.

Why would conservatives bother to vote?  What did it get them? Another huge spending boondoggle that keeps our border unrestricted, funds abortions on the taxpayer's dime, and pays for mindless stupid projects all over the world – projects that make no difference to the lives of Americans.

Trump should have vetoed the bill for about a hundred good reasons.  Reason number one is that he promised to put an end to such destructive nonsense.  Conservatives across America are disillusioned and depressed and likely to remain so unless a good explanation for Trump's breach of faith becomes evident.  At the moment, given the facts we know, Trump just jumped head-first into the swamp he promised to drain.