Trump unveils re-election slogan that works for 2018, too

At his pre-election rally supporting Rick Saccone’s candidacy for a vacant House seat in Pennsylvania, President Trump gave a boost to the hat industry by unveiling his 2020 re-election slogan, “Keep American Great!” All those MAGA caps will have to be relegated to the closet, as Trump fans buy new KAG! Hats.

His delivery was priceless, emphasizing the exclamation point:


The slogan actually is directly applicable to the 2018 midterms, as he pointed out in the short excerpt above. If Democrats grain Congressional majorities, the nation’s attention and energy would be focused on removing Trump from office via impeachment, not on keeping the gains that already have been realized. That should be a potent message motivating turnout among those whose fortunes have improved under his presidency, a group that is not limited to those receiving raises and bonuses, or even those getting new or better jobs. Everyone whose livelihood depends on a robust economy has something to lose.

Such is the flexibility and responsivenesss of a free market economy that Keep American Great! hats already are available on ebay.

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