Trump calls Putin, the establishment gets the vapors

The establishment left and right had a meltdown yesterday because President Trump spoke to Vladimir Putin and congratulated him on his "electoral" win.  "How dare he," they say, from John McCain to every single leftist pundit.  Doesn't he know the man is a tyrant?  Doesn't he know he has people killed?  Gee, they actually think Trump does not know these things.  They think Trump is naïve.  Their hysteria was exacerbated because someone on the National Security Council staff leaked a directive memo that, in all caps, said, "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" before the phone call to the Russian president.  And because he did not follow the order, he's an ignorant loose cannon? Will these people never learn?  No, they will not.  They are blinkered and beyond help.  Their eyes and ears are impervious to facts that do not coincide with their ideological...(Read Full Post)