The rule of law under fire

Many years ago, my father explained why we left Cuba and moved to the U.S.  It sounds like a fairy tale, but it's true.   It was not about economics or looking for a job.  My father could have found a job in the new Cuban Central Bank and enjoyed some bureaucratic privileges.  We left Cuba because he was thinking about his kids, not himself. Or there were social benefits that we would qualify for in the U.S.  In fact, my father did not know what Social Security was until he saw a deduction on his first paycheck.  Welfare?  All we ever got was used furniture and winter coats.  They were given to us by a generous church. We came here because my late father said that in the U.S., laws would be respected by all, or what we often to refer to as the rule of law. My good guess is that my late father would be concerned about what we've just seen in Oakland – a mayor who...(Read Full Post)