The robots are short-circuiting

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It has helped to make the lives of ordinary Americans more comfortable than those of kings and queens throughout most of history.  And the future promises even more a cornucopia of ever more astounding benefits. Unless it destroys us first.  A recent traffic fatality occurred when a supposedly self-driving car hit and killed a pedestrian crossing a street.  The driver relied entirely on the automobile's computer, and events unfolded too quickly to override the controls.  The lessons we should learn from that go far beyond the particulars of this case.  Society needs to keep its figurative hand on the controls, and to a large extent, we are not doing that.  Eventually, we may not be able. Technology is like the protagonist in the literature of classical ancient Greek tragedy.  The hero has a built-in flaw, one that dooms him to failure from the beginning, no...(Read Full Post)