The Democrats' recrudescent Hillary problem

Just in case the Democrats didn't quite realize they still have a Hillary Problem (and have had one for years), the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state put it right in their faces in a new flap over fundraising. According to the New York Post: Just as Democratic donors thought they'd finally put away wallets for Hillary Clinton, she's coming back to NYC for a fund-raiser for her nonprofit – while also creating a party stink by throwing the bash at the exact same time as an event for DNC chairman Tom Perez. Well, how big of her.  It's not as though these people do not talk with each other.  And lefties are notoriously sensitive about not stealing people away from each other's rallies.  But Hillary plowed on through, scheduling her event at the same time the Democrats did, and right at a time when the party lags in fundraising and is in desperate need of...(Read Full Post)