Populism: Savior of conservatism

Raucous cheers of "USA, USA, USA" flowed through the crowds at President Trump's most recent rally to support Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. The speech was quintessentially populist, or rather, "Trumpian" – free-flowing, direct, personable, braggadocious, and quite humorous at times. This fact was pointed out by Trump himself when he critiqued a recent piece by Peggy Noonan that ridiculed his demeanor and deemed it not "presidential."  He publicly mocked her concept of what it means to be presidential with a stiff and tight-lipped imitation of a conventional politician, to the chuckles of an enthralled crowd.  He concluded that Noonan "is writing like I'm some kind of Neanderthal." This may seem to be just another sound bite in a headline-filled Trump rally, but in reality, it is a revealing moment in the overall clash of cultures taking place in the...(Read Full Post)