One week of California crazy

Noted American scofflaw Libby Schaff, the mayor of Oakland,  will probably escape prosecution for deliberately impeding federal authorities’ efforts to apprehend and deport violent criminal illegals, as she insists, ludicrously, that she is a law-abiding citizen despite functioning over the last couple weeks as a cop look-out for MS-13.

California water bureaucrats debate how to keep drought hysteria going, hence  to proceed with plans for imposing the higher water rates needed to sustain their amazing salaries and benefits, and their obscene pensions, in the face of the unfortunate reality that last week’s storms deposited massive amounts of wet snow on the most critical Sierra watersheds.

The sclerotic left/liberal Dianne Feinstein is rejected by her Bolshevik state party regulars as insufficiently lunatic. A crowd of the truly nuts eagerly awaits November.

At the same time, California Bolshevik chin-drooler Nancy Pelosi struggles during several public appearances to disguise creeping dementia, but her efforts are repeatedly defeated by unwisely trying to form comprehensible sentences.

Human excrement, used needles and other benign detritus of drug addicts,  insane people and the volitionally derelict continue to accumulate in the public spaces of Oakland and San Francisco frequented by ordinary citizens, but my long-standing and sensible proposal to move the entire human source of such garbage to the parks of left/liberal Pacific Heights and Piedmont continues, inexplicably, to be ignored.

A bloated army of UC Berkeley bureaucrats brags that a mere 3,463 of its undergraduates, approximately 12% of the 29,311 total, are of foreign origin, drawn overwhelmingly from the wealthy elites of China, India and South Korea, thereby depriving a mere 3,463 highly qualified California high school graduates of places at the prestigious Berkeley campus. The parents of these brilliant but unfortunate California high school graduates remain strangely silent in the face of this violation of California law, there being apparently no limit to their willingness to pay higher college tuition or to send their young geniuses to inferior colleges, all for the sake of generating sufficient funds to support the material expectations of a UC Berkeley bureaucracy of breathtaking enormity and greed.

And for the moment, that’s all there is from the California open ward.

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