No 'We remember Mary Jo' at the women's marches

We remember mid-July 1969 because Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.  I watched it in the living room with my parents and my brother and sister.  We also remember Chappaquiddick, the tragic story of Mary Jo Kopechne. There is a new film about to be released, and I'm looking forward to it. This is from Roger Friedman: "Chappaquiddick" refers to a scandal that in hindsight is stunning that it didn't end Kennedy's political career – or put him in jail. Let's say you're a fan of Kennedy for everything but this episode. Still, on a boozy summer night – the same weekend that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – a married but philandering Teddy drove his car off the Chappaquiddick bridge with Mary Jo Kopechne (astute performance by Kate Mara, she's excellent), a young secretary who'd worked for his late brother Bobby, at his side. Were they screwing, or just driving around,...(Read Full Post)