Nikolas Cruz and David Hogg: Not as different as you'd think

Nikolas Cruz and David Hogg are both members of Generation Z – the most spiritually destitute generation in American history.  In their public educations and cultural indoctrination, they have been deprived of learning the lasting peace of self-transcending love.  Their educations have robbed them of love of God and of seeing God's presence in everyone, which alone grants equal and universal human worth regardless of race, sex, or any material condition.  They know only the conditional love of the world, which today means despising Judeo-Christian morality and the humility it teaches, while scapegoating the new despicables – white people, men, the traditionally moral, et al.  They have not been taught to love America and her constitution, which is the principal mechanism to actualize God-given freedom. 

Nikolas Cruz and David Hogg have both been weaponized against America and against their own lives.  Cruz and Hogg were both taught that it is acceptable to rage and curse and attack when things don't go their way.  That is the key to the violence of this generation.  Its members have been subject to mass medication and ubiquitous violent mental stimulation.  But fundamentally, the left-wing great destruction needs children who hate.  The left wing feeds on children who hate America and each other.  Gen Z has been taught that if someone hurts you, rejects you, if he doesn't honor your diversity or even just disagrees with you, it is intolerable, and you have a right to boundless heroic hate.  The left needs youths who are easy to "teach" and easy to control by appeal to irrational and addictive hate.

Gen Z is the most completely indoctrinated to a belief system that scapegoats "the other" – the mythical white racist, toxic manhood, conservatives, the American Founding, gun-owners, "homophobes," "transphobes."  Any label, fashionable and mindless, will suffice.  Every few years, another category of deplorables is added like logs into the fireplace to keep the hate burning.  Right now, any smidgen of rationality and open-mindedness has been lost to an epic hatred of the current president.

Cruz was clearly mentally disturbed and avowedly violent.  But in Obama's America, it was blame whiteness for everything.  It was not politically correct or economically advantageous to Superintendent Runcie and his Obamaite system that Nikolas Cruz be charged for his offenses or be held responsible for his extensive history of threats and violence against himself and others.  Charging him would have been bad for the stats.  But an involuntary commitment would have made him legally unable to purchase guns.

The great vulnerability of adolescents, which enables their danger to themselves and others, arises from the fact that they have the functional capacity to plan and commit terrible crimes but lack the maturity to laugh at themselves or know that "this too shall pass."  The monstrous crime committed in Parkland was the worst possible intersection of those two psychological conditions.

David Hogg, who initially flubbed the speeches his FBI swampist father had apparently provided, is a brainwashed child of the left-wing Deep State.  Hogg seems to view the NRA as the New Jew, the all-purpose scapegoat that can be blamed for everything.  His speeches are Hitleresque; thoughtful listeners feel the senseless hate in them.  Hogg's lack of humility led him to snub the president, which is also a way to disrespect the people who elected him.  Gen Z's arrogance is also a cover for their lack of rational competence.  Many rage-muffins avoid rational debate because they haven't been taught how to have one.

The right to bear arms is far more important to freedom than the public education system.  In fact, the education system has become public enemy number one to the ideals of free citizenry.  The Second Amendment will be the last one standing, because it does not pertain to man-made rights; rather, it exists to uphold the unalienable right to life.

Image: garlandcannon via Flickr.

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