New FBI stats counter the media's anti-gun culture war

A liberal media "eager to find a tipping point in the gun debate" declare that Second Amendment-supporters "are losing the culture war against guns" and that gun sales are "plummeting" because "Americans don't buy gun control threats."  But the FBI's new report on firearms background checks contradicts that media narrative. Background checks for February 2018 reached the second-highest February level ever, even exceeding the February 2013 level reached after President Obama issued 23 executive orders on gun safety as a response to the Newton, Conn. shooting.  February 2018 background check numbers were exceeded only by February 2016, when Hillary Clinton, who had previously advocated "an Australian-style" "gun buyback," was the frontrunner for president.  And February 2018 results were all but completed when President Trump made comments in a meeting with lawmakers that unnerved Second...(Read Full Post)