Nancy Pelosi donates speaker's gavel – rather than herself – to Smithsonian

Nancy Pelosi donated the oversized gavel she used during her brief tenure as speaker of the House.  The gavel has no special significance other than the fact that the hand that wielded it belonged to a female body rather than a male one. "We need the voices of all women," she said in her remarks. Even conservative ones?  I think Nancy would rather hear the voice of men disguised as women than women disguised as liberals. "We need their courage and their strength because when women succeed, America succeeds." Does America also succeed when men succeed, or only when women succeed?  Have we ever in modern history had an America where men succeeded but not women, or vice versa? "For our daughters and our granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling," she said at the time. Are women now more able to become speaker of the House because Nancy Pelosi did?  Or are they less...(Read Full Post)