Maybe 'exceptional' weather is just weather

Perhaps the best challenge to the hysterical claims that humans are causing unusual climate change is the demonstration that "exceptional" weather events can be predicted in advance based on their natural occurrence in history. One person who has admirably met this challenge with consistent, convincing demonstrations is meteorologist and forecaster extraordinaire Joe Bastardi.  Bastardi – formerly of AccuWeather, now with WeatherBELL Analytics – is the best weather forecaster I have ever met.  And I've been in the atmospheric science profession for 40 years. I first ran into Bastardi in the mid-'70s at Penn State University, one of the leading meteorology schools in the country.  We were both meteorology undergrads.  I graduated in 1976, while he graduated a couple of years later. Even in college, Bastardi was able to beat everyone, including the professors, at forecasting significant events.  As...(Read Full Post)