Italy gives Europe's elites the boot

The great wave continues.  First Brexit in the U.K.  Then Donald Trump in the U.S.  And now Italy.  Not every country on Europe has managed to elect an outsider in direct contravention to its country's out-of-touch elites, although they all have factions for it.  But Italy, with the world's eighth largest economy, has, joining the U.S. and Britain to signal that the larger economies are moving this way, rebuking their elites and reclaiming their sovereignty.  According to The Guardian:

A majority of Italian voters have supported Eurosceptic candidates in the national election, preliminary results showed, after decades in which Italy has steadfastly championed the European project.

Early results released by the interior ministry on Monday morning, as ballots continued to be counted, pointed to a hung parliament, though there was still a possibility that the centre-right coalition, with about 37% of the vote, could secure a majority once parliamentary seats are allocated.

Either result would represent a repudiation of Brussels by Italian voters, less than two years after the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union.

Obviously, Italians are tired of not recognizing their county anymore.  They're battered by a European Union that has sucked the life out of their country's economy with its out-of-touch currency, a death spiral in its own population, and now a migrant wave flooding the country, giving uneducated, unassimilated migrants from hellish cultures more rights than ordinary Italians along with access to the public till.  No, they don't recognize their country much after events like that.  There was a recent cake-baking in one Italian town to celebrate the exit of its migrants, which gives a whiff of the sentiment.

They rebelled.

What it suggests to us is that a long-term trend is taking place now that Italy has rejected its elites and the E.U. monoculture (which stands for nothing) and reasserted its unique identity and culture as Italian.  With Trump in the saddle over here in the states, and Eastern Europe reasserting itself, too, this trend might not let up anytime soon, even as U.S. Democrats and their media allies slaver to oust Trump quickly and dream of a blue wave in the U.S. midterms.  It's hard to buck a deeply embedded trend such as this one.  Italy is telling us something about how ordinary people are feeling worldwide.

The bottom line is that the smug elites have failed, both in the U.S. and in Europe.  They continue to fail to recognize it, and they refuse to reform.  Now they're being swept away.

Let's stay optimistic about midterms and a Trump second term.

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