Iran's mullahs go bonkers after Saudi crown prince's 60 Minutes interview

Well, the reactions are out.  Saudi Arabia's decisive new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has ruffled the mullahs' feathers in Iran, following his interview Sunday with 60 Minutes and the preview of it earlier last Thursday.  The prince came off as charming, articulate, smooth, intelligent, and very sane.  That was enough to trigger from Tehran a whole lot of inchoate fury after the crown prince outlined his country's reforms and put them in contrast to Iran's miserable tyranny, throwing in a putdown about the regime's falling power and influence.

Get a load of this exchange, reported by RT News, citing the Tehran Times:

"Iran is not a rival to Saudi Arabia.  Its army is not among the top five armies in the Muslim world," the royal added.  "The Saudi economy is larger than the Iranian economy.  Iran is far from being equal to Saudi Arabia."

However, Qasemi responded harshly to the prince's criticisms while also highlighting the success of the Iran nuclear deal.  "His words are not worth responding to, because he is a delusional naive person who just tells bitter lies and nothing but inconsiderate remarks," he replied.

"It is better for a country which has been brought to its knees after three years of committing war crimes against the besieged and defenseless Yemeni people not to talk about its army and economy and be happy with buying 'beautiful' weapons and the remain importer of security and be silent in the face of a powerful country like Iran," the Iranian Foreign Ministry said as cited by The Tehran Times.

It's interesting that this mullah response didn't get much play in the press – the only source I could find it in was RT News, the Russian propaganda organ that enjoys stirring up the pot.  Touchy, touchy, sensitive mullahs when the Saudi crown prince calls them out on their support for terrorism in Yemen and their miserable condition – so miserable, the Saudi declared they aren't even a rival, which is stretching it, but we liked the insult.

If the mullahs don't like what the Saudi crown prince said, it's all the more reason to like him.  President Trump sure seemed to enjoy him, and he joked around with the man, too.  Hard to not like the gutsiness of the Saudi for saying this stuff – and directing it right at a country whose leadership is probably the most destructive in the region, both to its own people and to its disgusted neighbors.

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