Hillary and Schiff, birds of a feather

Hillary Clinton's appearance and speech at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai to plug her book, What Happened, garnered quite a lot of attention on Monday.  The woman is still oozing contempt from every pore as she attempts to explain why she lost the election.  She thinks nothing of maligning Americans on foreign soil.  She lost because "white women vote how their husbands tell them to vote."  She lost because the people in those states she lost are "backward."  Trump voters don't want black people to have rights.  They don't want women to have jobs.  They don't want Indian-Americans to succeed more than they already do.  (Indian-Americans are among our most successful immigrants.)  What year is this?  Her rant sounds like something from the early 1960s, when it was Democrats who so virulently resisted integration and equal...(Read Full Post)