Godflix, according to the Prophet Bama

Jill Abramson, once the editor-in-chief of the Democrats' Holy of Holies, the very NYT op-ed page, has just revealed an extremely private secret. 

Wait.  Hold on.  Don't say a word.

In her own private purse, says Ms. Abramson, Who Cannot Tell a Lie, she keeps a much-loved plastic doll of ex-president Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama, Jr., presumably to hug at times of stress after the latest tweet from Pretender to the Throne Donald J. Trump, aka Satan with red horns. 

This news sent a thousand psychiatric couches aflutter in Manhattan,  wrestling with the Freudian significance of a plastic Obama doll in a worshipful woman's purse, given her far too obvious fantasy life. 

Thank you, Ms. Abramson, that will be all until next week.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out, please. 

Ah, yes, Ms. Mayer?  Please come in!

Oh, my, my. 

Shades of Kehinde Wiley, Obama's personally selected "Kill Whitey" artist for the White House portrait gallery.  Those avant-garde pics are gonna stay there forever, for the delectation of future historians, and we're not going to spoil their fun. 

Sometimes the mad left is far too projective for words.  Don't these people have psychiatrists to check their stuff before they go public? 

On the other side of Manhattan, at the Manhattan Institute, they were sending a package of sharp needles to the New York Times, along with a complete Voodoo instruction manual.  Plastic copies of famous people are known to capture just a little bit of soul stuff, they say. 

And now the geniuses who run Netflix are paying the Obamas, Mr. and Mrs., a gazillion dollars to help them make a new version of Jesus Christ Superstar! – starring you-know-who, with Michelle as Mary Magdalene in the lead female role. 

These people are who they are, and they are never ashamed to drop trou and wave their business at the world, like Harvey Weinstein. 

Oh, my. 

The new series will be webcast to more than 100 million netizens – for the Obamas, by the Obamas, and of the Obamas. 

Children will be watching this for generations to come.  

Meanwhile, Herr Bob Mueller, official DOJ special prosecutor for POTUS #45, has accused Trumpista Kellyanne Conway of Hatch Act violations, for endorsing a Republican in public, an unprecedented violation of presidential advisory behavior. 

The Hatch Act of 1939 has never been enforced, not in its first 79 years, but there's always a first time. 

Mr. Mueller and his merry band of cackling witches must be running dry.  But don't expect Herr Mueller to stop investigating his increasingly paranoid leaks, not until the next election, or maybe never.  Keep lookin', because ya never know what you might find. 

This is true.  I swear.  It's in the New York Times, for Heaven's sake.  You're not allowed to doubt it. 

Sigmund Freud is dead, but the left keeps coming up with the same neurotic stuff, over and over and over again.  It's hard to believe, but every single day, they do it again.  They can't stop. 

Over in the Kremlin, they can't stop laughing, and who can blame them? Putin just poisoned a couple of personal enemies in London, using nerve poison, just to make sure they died in the most agonizing way.  But Chris Steele is the hero of the hour on the left, where self-delusion has no end. 

Jill Abramson used to love the Russians, but now she hates them, because, ummm...something.  I forget. 

Putin doesn't care, as long as the Democrats' madhouse keeps running in D.C.  He likes to confuse the enemy, and Americans are more confused than ever. 

It's a kinda nostalgic moment for an old KGB colonel.  It's just like old times.

Image: Claudia Dunitz via Flickr.

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