From Chile, a powerful sign the Trump revolution is spreading

So you think President Trump is doing badly?  Some of the smarter leaders on the world scene are coming to other conclusions, which is to say the Trump revolution is spreading. Late last year, Chile held a presidential election, and in its result, Chilean voters finally dumped its corruption-plagued, soggy socialist government, up 'til now led by Michelle Bachelet, and re-elected center-right past president, Sebastián Piñera, instead. Piñera's finest moment during his last presidency was in 2010, at the helm of the Chilean mining crisis, when 33 miners were trapped more than two miles underground amid few hopes for their rescue.  Piñera had been told by his advisers just to keep the cameras away, because it was a losing political picture.  He defied them, visited the campsite out in the remote Atacama desert up north, heaped resources onto the rescuers, and the spectacular rescue that followed, which was the...(Read Full Post)