Florida's bump stock ban and the slippery slope

You remember Florida's Gov. Rick Scott, don't you? He's the supposedly conservative Republican who bowed to pressure from Al Sharpton and appointed Angela Corey to prosecute George Zimmerman for second-degree murder – after police determined that Zimmerman had acted in self-defense when Trayvon Martin attacked him. Yeah.  That Gov. Scott. Well, Gov. Scott is back to this old tricks again, bowing to pressure from left-wing activists.  On March 9, he signed a gun control bill banning "bump stocks" that increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles and raising the purchase age for firearms to 21. The law was passed after Nikolas Cruz allegedly murdered seventeen people in Parkland – after the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff's Department botched numerous attempts to stop him. The curious thing about the new law is that Cruz is not alleged to have used a bump stock to commit his crime.  It is not...(Read Full Post)