Elect Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania

It is a huge mistake to think special elections do not concern you or are unimportant.  Every race Republicans lose emboldens leftists obsessed with stopping Trump from making America great again. Please contact friends and family in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District and tell them all patriots must get out the vote for Rick Saccone, conservative and Republican, on Tuesday, March 13.  This is serious business, folks.  If leftists can flip this seat in Trump country, they will be energized to spread their bogus narrative that Americans regret voting for Trump.  This strengthens Democrats' chances of winning other congressional seats, making evil Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House. If the Democrats win back the House, the first order of business will be to impeach Trump.  Therefore, you see why Saccone winning in Pennsylvania is crucially important – a powerful left hook to the jaw of the Democrats'...(Read Full Post)