Does James Comey ever tell the truth?

With now-former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe's firing for lying, the race is on to exculpate McCabe and somehow make the administrative bureaucrats who canned him into scapegoats for President Trump.  It's not working.  But it's revealing yet another reason for James Comey to be on the hot seat for his own lies.  McCabe said his leaks to the press were fully authorized by James Comey, and Comey insists he never leaked to the press for Congress.

Investor's Business Daily adds that to the long list of lies Comey has been caught in the middle of in testimony to Congress and elsewhere, outlining at least four separate broad categories of incidents around the FISA warrant to spy on Trump's campaign, the Trump dossier, the Trump memos, and the Clinton exoneration.  IBD writes:

If Comey wasn't entirely truthful then, it wouldn't be the first time he's played fast and loose with the facts.

Here's a rundown.

Throw in the Clinton Foundation, and there's likely more to be found there.  They can also add this one that I found to Comey's list of lies.

This raises the question: does he ever tell the truth?  The man is shilling an upcoming memoir of his experiences and misadventures running the FBI.  It can be filed under "Fiction."

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