Do liberals really idolize deported felons?

It used to be that when the liberal media wrote articles about deported illegal aliens, they would pick people who had the most sympathetic life stories, focusing on gentle, hardworking aliens doing jobs that Americans certainly wouldn't do.  But now the left, feeling that it is winning the propaganda war, has pushed farther, writing sob stories about illegals who are deported felons, even deported murderers.

Hannah Beech of the New York Times writes:

It was fish for breakfast and fish for lunch and fish for dinner.  'I hate fish,' Khan Hin said.  Until he was jailed at age 18 for auto theft, Mr. Hin had no idea he was only a legal permanent resident.  American law is uncompromising: Deportation applies to legal permanent residents who commit an aggravated felony in the United States.

The law that orders felons to be deported is called "uncompromising," implying they should be more compromising.  I wonder if liberals feel that laws regarding discrimination and rape should have some "compromise" to them as well.

For 18 months, he shuffled through various detention centers across the United States.  Three years ago, he was deported to Cambodia [where he lives a terrible life eating fish –E.S.].

It was his first time in the country.  He did not speak Khmer, the local language.

But hey, now is a great time to learn!

Posy Chheng was deported last May, just a couple weeks after his son was born.  When he was 14 years old, Mr. Chheng was convicted as an adult of second-degree murder and imprisoned for 17 years. 

His own son is still in Minnesota.

'I think about him all the time,' Mr. Chheng said.  'I see kids without car seats here, squeezed on a motorcycle with their whole family, and I think: 'No way I'd let my son do that.  It's crazy.'

This article is written to evoke sympathy for a convicted murderer.  Do we really want this man in America?

The convicted killer is the one pointing a sharp object at that man's head.

Cambodian refugees, along with Vietnamese and Laotians, were often resettled in tough neighborhoods, like South Central Los Angeles or Long Beach.  By the 1980s, their children had formed street gangs[.]... 'We had to protect ourselves from homeboy shootouts,' said Ricky Kul, who was 15 when he joined the Oriental Lazy Boyz in Los Angeles and was later jailed for burglary.  (Three members of the Oriental Lazy Boyz were convicted of the 1996 murder of Haing Ngor, the Cambodian-American actor[.)]

I guess liberals are right when they say illegal aliens come here to do the jobs Americans won't do.

So help me understand this: do the liberal media really believe that their readers will sympathize with deported burglars, car thieves, and convicted killers?  Do liberals reading these articles nod their heads and cluck sympathetically and say, "Yes, I wish I had Posy and Kul living in my neighborhood"?

Help me out here, because I really don't know the answer.  Let me know if you think liberals are so far off the deep end that they are sympathizing with felons and killers.

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